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At Hainton we focus entirely on assembling software teams - Devs, Testers, BA's and PM's - for companies based across the North East and Yorkshire.

We're just another IT recruitment company doing things the same as the last dozen recruitment agencies to contact you.

Except we take time to understand exactly what our candidates want from their careers.

It also helps that we understand the IT market. We’re not getting confused between C++ and C#. Front and back end.

Oh, and we write engaging, interesting job adverts and blogs.

So yes. We’re just another IT recruitment company. Without the usual nonsense.


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Advice and opinions from our expert recruiters

Blog #14

19 Feb 2018

This Is Why You Should Encourage Developers To Have a Side Hustle   Google “side hustle”, another way of saying a side project, and you will find dozens of badly written stories about making extra money. These are the Internet equivalent...

Blog #7

22 Jan 2018

How to Retain Talented .NET Developers On Your Team   Recruiting top talent is never easy. Especially when every other company is tripping over themselves to tempt your best developer to jump ship.   Speaking as a recruiter, we know all about...