Blog #23

    Blog #23

     18 May 2018

    Features of ASP.NET Core It's been a while since Microsoft introduced .NET Core and with it ASP.NET Core. The new ecosystem has evolved over time, from a basic set of features at the initial launch, m... read more

    Blog #14

    Blog #22

     19 Feb 2018

    More and more developers, especially contractors, have side projects they complete outside of work. Suppressing this will have a negative effect. In this blog we discuss why you should encourage your ... read more

    Blog #20

    Blog #21

     5 Feb 2018

    The Microsoft Bot Framework A bot is an application that allows a human to interact with the machine in a conversational manner. They can communicate in text format, or with speech and “cards”. A deve... read more

    Blog #7

    Blog #20

     22 Jan 2018

    Retaining .NET developers, whether permanent or contract, is as vital as recruiting new hires, as retention can often be the more cost effective solution. In this blog we give some tips on how you can... read more

    Blog #19

    Blog #19

     8 Jan 2018

    Microsoft Cognitive Services, what's on offer and what can you do with it? In a previous blog, I touched machine learning (ML) and covered some of the basic concepts. If you keep up-to-date with IT de... read more

    Blog #3

    Blog #18

     26 Dec 2017

    In this blog we discuss why developers (both permanent and contract) have more choice than ever and are rejecting your job offers. Below we give tips on how you can avoid this. Recruiters are constant... read more

    Blog #18

    Blog #17

     11 Dec 2017

    Machine Learning – An Overview Machine learning (ML) has been gaining popularity in recent years, articles are shared online daily, software vendors and service providers have begun to offer Machine L... read more

    Blog #2

    Blog #16

     27 Nov 2017

    Recruiting is selling. Making a sale starts when two people have a conversation. But you can’t have those conversations if no one reads your job adverts. Or if potential candidates read the ads, but d... read more

    Blog #15

    Blog #15

     17 Nov 2017

    In a previous post I touched on Workflow Foundation (WF). I used it in the past to give power users the option of amending business rules in their applications without the need a developer. Whilst inv... read more

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