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     13 Nov 2017

    According to the latest Tech Nation report, published earlier this year, the North of England is doing well compared to past performance and other regions. Spread across Yorkshire, the North West and ... read more

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     30 Oct 2017

    During my MSc a few years ago whilst specialising in machine learning, sentiment analysis and Bayesian theorem, I encountered a technique that I could use to improve the computers understanding of hum... read more

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    Blog #12

     16 Oct 2017

    Working in a startup is a unique experience. For a developer, you can make a huge impact on a product that is constantly growing and evolving. Over the last ten years, startups have made an impact acr... read more

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     2 Oct 2017

    In the last post we spoke about the difficulties and some of the solutions you can employ to improve your sentiment analysis implementation. In this post we'll talk about what's involved when you need... read more

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     18 Sep 2017

    Social media is an under appreciated channel when it comes to sourcing and attracting new hires. Businesses use social media to attract new customers and clients; so why not also use it for recruitmen... read more

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     4 Sep 2017

    In my last post we introduced the Bayes rule and it's relationship with sentiment analysis. In this post we'll talk about some of the difficulties of applying sentiment analysis and what we can do to ... read more

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     21 Aug 2017

    In our last post we introduced sentiment analysis, the Naïve Bayes classification technique and why you or your business might be interested in this. In this post we'll delve into it in more detail an... read more

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     7 Aug 2017

    Everyone loves getting a bargain. Black Friday and Cyber Monday get some people into a frenzy in shopping centres and supermarkets. Grown men push aside old women to grab the latest discount 65 inch 4... read more

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     31 Jul 2017

    People have always had an interest on what specific individuals or groups of individuals think or what their opinion is. Since the inception of the internet, increasing numbers of people are using on-... read more

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