Blog #5

    Blog #5

     3 Jul 2017

    Are you Agile or fragile? Agile is the buzz phrase of the moment and having worked in both Agile and non-Agile development teams, I’ve seen many mistakes made in the transition from an iterative appro... read more

    Blog #11

    Blog #4

     19 Jun 2017

    In almost every project I've worked on, at some point a requirement surfaces that talks about "configurable business rules". The benefits to a project are obvious and some of the reasons cited are: De... read more

    Blog #8

    Blog #3

     5 Jun 2017

    Whilst building .NET web applications you search for and identify best practices and implement these where you can to make your code more readable, secure and maintainable. I've taken some of my notes... read more

    Blog #2

    Blog #2

     22 May 2017

    As someone who has worked both permanently and as a contractor both within the past 5 or 6 years, I’ve often juggled with the decision between a permanent position and being a self-employed contractor... read more

    Blog #4

    Blog #1

     8 May 2017

    Sometimes you need to have a process that runs continually in the background on your server or infrastructure 24×7. Windows Services can help you do this and are easy to build in .NET. You write your ... read more

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