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 27 Nov 2017

Recruiting is selling.


Making a sale starts when two people have a conversation.


But you can’t have those conversations if no one reads your job adverts. Or if potential candidates read the ads, but don't apply.


Passive and active candidates would pursue more career move opportunities if hiring managers and recruiters - those writing the job ads - would invest more time in selling the opportunity. This can be applied to recruiting both permanent staff and short-term contractors.


Here's one of the mistakes that we notice most often:


#1: Job ad copy produced to rank higher in search results


Say you’re hiring for a .NET Developer, you don't need to include “.NET” over and over again in the copy.


Jobs boards tell you to do that, so your ads rank higher, but you aren't recruiting search index crawlers; you need people. Human people. So write copy that appeals to them, their needs and aspirations.


People click away from ads that fail to sell the value of the opportunity and company, so even if your ads don't rank as highly, they will be read by the candidates you want.


SEO isn’t everything.


When your advert is geared towards an SEO approach it looks like this.



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