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How to Use Social Media to Hire Staff

 18 Sep 2017

Social media is an under appreciated channel when it comes to sourcing and attracting new hires.


Businesses use social media to attract new customers and clients; so why not also use it for recruitment?


Some recruiters dress this up as ‘inbound recruitment’ and ‘employer branding’. Not that they aren't valid ways of describing digital marketing as a recruitment channel, but making anything sounding too complex is an effective way to discourage people from attempting something new.


So we thought we’d make it easy. Here are a few ways your business can use social media and digital marketing to attract new recruits.


#1: Go Behind the Scenes


Show and tell people - through Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and other channels - what it's like to work in your office(s).


Tell individual stories. Maybe you took on an apprentice, and they’re doing so well you hired them in a full-time role: Tell that story. Maybe your team enjoy Krispy Kreme doughnuts and BrewDog on a Friday afternoon: Show people.


Make it fun.


Make people want to send in a CV, even if you don't have vacancies: Keep them on a talent database so you can reach out when you need to hire again.

#2 Use Words, Pictures, Videos and Live-streaming
You don't need to invest a lot of time and effort into social media marketing. Some companies manage it themselves; whereas others work with an external firm. Either is fine, providing your message - about new vacancies, or just what it’s like working at your company - is getting out on a regular basis. Support social media updates with engaging content: Blogs, articles on LinkedIn, videos and images. Businesses can also publish Facebook Live, Snapchat and Instagram Stories - live-streaming short interviews with staff or highlighting the fun and memorable moments in your office.
There are almost no limits on what you can do. With simple tools, such as Canva or Pablo by Buffer (alongside free photo libraries: Unsplash and Pexels), you can create eyecatching images that increase engagement on social media and drive more potential candidates into your talent database.

#3 Promoted Content

Attracting new clients online often involves some advertising. When you are actively recruiting, some recruiters and hiring managers are starting to realise that investing a little money goes a long way, providing targeting criteria is managed carefully. Facebook, Instagram (owned by Facebook) and LinkedIn have advertising products that allow for highly-refined targeting, with businesses able to put a cap on spending on a daily basis. Well worth doing, especially if you want to beat the algorithms and attract a wider candidate pool.
Promoting your company as an attractive place to work is just as important as using social media within your marketing campaigns. According to The Talent Board research, 73% of candidates become aware of new opportunities through search engines and social networks, which means it's more important than ever to start using social media and digital marketing as a recruitment strategy.


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