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 7 Aug 2017

Everyone loves getting a bargain.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday get some people into a frenzy in shopping centres and supermarkets. Grown men push aside old women to grab the latest discount 65 inch 4K Ultra HD Smart TV.

Sales, discounts and bargains are everywhere.

We love them. Why not treat ourselves and spend more, since there’s money off?

So when a recruiter offers a lower rate - say 15 to 12% (or lower, in some cases) - we can be forgiven for assuming we are getting a bargain. Clients, incorrectly, assume they are getting the same effort and work - and therefore the same chance of securing a fantastic candidate - for a lower price.

If a contractor is being offered to you at a lower rate than usual, the candidate is probably getting much less too and that means there’s more chance of them leaving before the end of your contract.

If a permanent fee is a lot lower than the average, this means the recruiter will have to make more placements that month and won’t be spending as much time and effort on your vacancy as you’d expect.

Below we outline the key differences between an agency offering a cheap fee and what we offer.

Cheap Recruitment Company

  • Basic Boolean search on job boards
  • Job Adverts full of SEO buzzwords and jargon:
  • Produced for search engines, not humans.
  • Casual shout-out for candidates on LinkedIn
  • Candidate database email blast
  • Working on unlimited number of vacancies

If you'd like to find out what we offer, click the image below to Download 'Hainton's Guide to Recruiting Developers'.

Or View Our Diary And Book In A Call

Also included in the guide:

  • How The North Can Attract & Retain Developers
  • How Your Business Can Use Social Media To Attract New Recruits
  • Why Developers With Start Up Experience Are Worth Hiring


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