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Side Hustle

 19 Feb 2019

This Is Why You Should Encourage Developers To Have a Side Hustle

Google “side hustle”, another way of saying a side project, and you will find dozens of badly written stories about making extra money. These are the Internet equivalent of flyers on lampposts promising quick, easy ways to earn more money: “Earn an extra £2000 a month with only a few hours work!”

Side hustles aren't always about making extra money, but for those who want to earn more, this can be a smart way to go about it. According to the Urban Dictionary,  the concept of a side hustle, predates the financial crash of 2008: “Sideline that brings in cash; something other than your main job. Maybe playing weekend gigs or life coaching.”

Millennials may not have invented the concept, but the recession was a good reason to turn the need to earn extra cash into a career advantage and something to mention in interviews, instead of looking embarrassed if someone found out we needed to work outside the scope of a 9-5 job.


Why You Need Developers With A Side Hustle

Not everything a developer does should be about their career.

But if you are looking for developers that have an entrepreneurial drive, know how to communicate and are capable of solving complex multi-disciplinary problems, then it pays to ask about their side projects. Take a look at some of the things developers are doing alongside full-time work:

  • Here are some awesome .NET projects on GitHub, including libraries, tools, frameworks and software - many of them a result of side projects, or spin-off work from full-time jobs.
  • Developers can also blog and contribute to forums, supporting others in their work, which is another way of showcasing their knowledge.
  • Professional developers are also working with STEM education charities for children. Code Club, for example, teaches over 82,000 children (aged between 9 - 11) about computers and writing code, which wouldn’t exist without developers sharing their knowledge. Developers can volunteer at over 200 Code Clubs in the North East of England.
  • Another way to side hustle is through turning a passion into a hobby that you share with others: It could be anything from a podcast to art or travel writing. If a developer can use their professional skills to support this project, then even better.


Developers with side projects, open source contributions, blogs and startup experience are, in my opinion as a recruiter, stronger candidates. These projects make them better team players and more experienced problem solvers since they have gone out their way and made an effort to invest in their career and skills.

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