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Why Candidates are Rejecting Your Job Offers

 26 Dec 2017

In this blog we discuss why developers (both permanent and contract) have more choice than ever and are rejecting your job offers. Below we give tips on how you can avoid this.

Recruiters are constantly getting bashed on LinkedIn.

Disappointed candidates rant via status updates.

Angry hiring managers, fed up of recruiters sending them unsuitable candidates, name and shame or just vent their annoyance on LinkedIn.

Almost daily, one recruiter or another gets publicly bashed on LinkedIn.

But here’s the thing, many recruiters are just as fed up as hiring managers.

Recruiters and hiring managers are stuck in a dysfunctional relationship that is making everyone miserable, and failing candidates at the same time.

We don't need revolutionary new ideas, processes, training or software to “fix” this problem.

All we need is to accept there is a problem and then move things in the right direction.

We need to remember that, at the end of the day, we both want the same thing.

Hiring managers want to recruit the talent they need.

Recruiters want to find candidates that wow their clients.

That doesn't always happen. Once a hiring manager realises they need to recruit for a role, they, quite often, have one month to fill the role.

It can take two or more weeks of failed attempts to source candidates internally, on talent databases, or through preferred supplier lists.

When that doesn't work, recruiters - those not on ‘preferred’ lists - get panicked calls to see if they have/can find candidates.

This then becomes a rushed process and no one comes out of this looking good.

Unfortunately, not everything in this process is something a recruiter can control or fix. Some things are the responsibility of hiring managers.

Here are some of the most common challenges we encounter as
Unrealistic job specs. If you ask candidate: “Want to be challenged
on a daily basis and test your problem solving skills?” It sounds more like you mean, “other developers did a terrible job, we hope you can fix it as we’re all out of ideas.” Also, asking for too much will make it very unlikely recruiters can deliver what you need. Be realistic.
• Poor Job Adverts. You might have the best vacancy in the world on offer but if don’t advertise the role effectively enough then you will most probably struggle to receive many applicants.
• Not paying candidates enough. Competition is fierce so make sure you pay a competitive salary. Candidates are more interested in what they earn every month rather than “perks” such as Domino’s on a Friday.
• Not moving fast enough. Taking too long to review a CV, setting complicated, never ending technical tests and generally making candidates jump through too many hoops is the quickest way to lose candidates. A long interview process is also frustrating for
candidates and recruiters, especially when a company ensures they are in a hurry to fill a post: It is better for all involved to provide realistic timescales. Time kills deals.
• Weak benefits package. Developers are in demand. Little perks, such as Domino’s for lunch is a nice treat, but sufficient holiday’s, pension, private healthcare and other benefits are
going to help you attract the talent you need. We are publishing a Benefits Package research document soon, so you can see how you compare to other employers in the area. Let us know if you’d like to receive a copy upon it’s release.
If you are getting sick of recruiters not filling your jobs, first take a look at your own recruitment process, job advert and salary & benefits package to see if there are internal reasons that they may have
difficulties finding the candidates your business needs.


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