Blog #12

Blog #12

 16 Oct 2017

Working in a startup is a unique experience. For a developer, you can make a huge impact on a product that is constantly growing and evolving.

Over the last ten years, startups have made an impact across almost every sector. More big companies than ever are incubating and supporting them, as a way to stay innovative. More investors than ever are supporting startups, either through seed and venture capital (VC)-backed funding rounds, or through crowd-funding, which is open to anyone.

In 2016, over £6.8 billion was poured into UK startups; 50% more than any other European country. London regularly attracts five times as much investment as other leading cities in Europe, including Berlin. Regional hubs, particularly the North East and North West have seen a steady rise in the number and value of startup investments, at seed stage and beyond.

Although startups are known for having a high failure rate, those in the UK are more resilient. We are good at cultivating startups that don’t need hundreds of millions to succeed.

Investors want to see proven business models, clients and revenue, which is why many startups in the UK grow into stable and profitable small and medium-sized businesses. At the same time, startups are valuable talent incubators and one that hiring managers can not afford to ignore.

Benefits of Startup Experience

When assessing a potential developer, you would benefit from looking closely at those with startup experience. Unlike those with a corporate background, a .NET developer who's worked in a startup has a lot to offer and will usually have a wider range of experiences and transferable skills.


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