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One contract. One permanent.


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Contract .NET Developer role

As a contractor, there’s only three things you care about when it comes to a job:

• What you’re doing

• Where it is

• What they’re paying


Know what?

There’s nothing wrong with that.

Well, all that info is up there ^^^.

So what else could we possibly say that might make this particular contract more appealing?


You’ll be happy working here.

It’s a contract. Who cares if I’m happy, I’ll be out in 3 months.

Still going to be nicer enjoying the work for those 3 months though, isn’t it?

Not having to force yourself out of bed in the morning.

So, why will you be happy?


Firstly, the technology.

It’s development and fixes on an n-tier C# ASP.NET MVC and ASP.NET Web API application, both written in C#. Data access is Entity Framework.

The database is SQL Server.

Which is good, because you have experience with all that. It’s a lot of acronyms to sink your teeth into.

Gonna look good on your CV for the next contract you apply for.


What’s more, the whole contracting process is so simple.

You’re paid weekly, every Friday.

It's an automated service.

No timesheets to sign – it can all be done online.

No hassle = happy you.


Permanent Full Stack Developer role

Dublin’s brilliant, isn’t it?

The history. The culture. The Guinness.

It’d be sweet working there, wouldn’t it?

But I expect you don’t fancy the 450-mile-round plane journey every day.

Well, my wee friend, if you can develop C# in ASP.Net and databases with SQL server and T-SQL, there’s a slice of the Emerald Isle for you on your doorstep.


What's the craic?

There’s a Dublin-based firm who do big, snazzy projects in intelligent automated texting, voice and payment.

They’re opening an office in Gateshead. Fancy new offices, too. They need a couple of Developers to get it up and running.

Why Gateshead? Because they reckon it’s just like Dublin. Great location, great people, iffy weather. You might get the chance to go over every now and then, too.

In return for doing database, ASP.Net and API development, they’ll reward you with a load of cool stuff.


The cool stuff

A salary of up to £50k.

The opportunity to work from home (if you’ve got a decent set-up there).

A mobile phone, gym discounts, transport schemes…

But, perhaps most importantly, after a year, you can get specific Microsoft Certification training.

On stuff that’ll help you develop, like Application, Cloud or Mobile Development.

So it’ not just ‘on-the-job’ experience. It’s formal learning of new skills.

Not only is this great for your career, it’ll help you progress through the company, if that’s what you want.

Why are they offering all this?

Because it’ll help the company too.



The Projects

Some of the projects you’ll be on will be the same as the Dublin branch. Some are all your own. It’s a lean methodology with some Agile bits so it depends what’s prioritised.

And this is all with some major clients. We’re talking Vodafone, Microsoft, Three and some massive banks. Think of how they’ll look on your resumé.

And, of course, it’s full autonomy. You can be hands on with your own projects from cradle to grave.

They wouldn’t let you work on the far side of another country if they didn’t trust you to cope.

That’s not to say they won’t be available to you if you need help. They’re very keen on growing here, and they’ll be investing whatever’s required into you to do that.


A better job is a better job.

If you’re savvy, you won’t take my word for any of this.

You might not care about Dublin. You might not care about big clients or having control over your own projects.

But at the end of the day, a better job is a better job.

So all I’m saying is apply for the role (your CV doesn't need to up to date). Give me a call (01642 271428). Or drop me an email (

You can me your own questions to get the information I haven’t put in this advert.

If it still sounds good, we’ll take it from there.


So, assuming you're interested, apply via this advert

The alternative is sleepwalking through your next contract wishing you’d picked this one.


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