Mid-Level .NET Developer

C# Developer - £30-40k - Newcastle Upon Tyne

Ref: 266| Posted: 28th Feb 2020

How are you at taking risks?

Do you prefer long shots at the grand national, for instance?

Or would you rather something safe? Liverpool to win the Premier League this season, for example.

Changing jobs is always a risk.

Still, you can reduce risks by knowing more about the opportunity – making sure it’s good in advance.

That’s what we’re here for.

There’s a .NET Developer opportunity in Newcastle for a financial services and investment management company.

Each month you’ll have the opportunity to earn £500 in bonus.

Ironically, it could be the least risky investment you ever make.

This role is ideal for a developer that is growing tired of working on boring projects and wants to breathe some life back into their career.

You’ll have the opportunity to bring a broad approach when using technologies on both the front end, back end and mobile.

You’ll develop new cloud first .NET and .NET Core applications and gain exposure to JavaScript frameworks and Azure.

Technology aside, it’s a great company to work for.

Great because they'll reward you.

They look after your money, with a monthly £500 bonus and a pension scheme.

They look after your career, with a clear progression path so you can plan ahead

They will support your growth, with a Pluralsight licence and regular training sessions from leaders in tech.

Yes it’s a great company. Yes it’s a great role.

But that’s our opinion. It doesn’t matter what we think.

See what you think.

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