Data Scientist

Data Scientist

Ref: 78| Posted: 29th Mar 20182018-03-29

This vacancy is now closed

Want a decent Data Science role where you’ll have a voice and be well looked after?

So you’re sat there.

You’ve recently graduated, or you’re lucky enough to already have a data science position, but you’re like:

“I need – I deserve – to work somewhere better”.

And that’s fair enough.

So let me help you find somewhere better.

I think I know just the place.

There’s a Data Science role here in Newcastle; a hop, skip and jump from the train station.

If you’ve got a background in Mathematics, Data Science, R, Python, SQL, C#, AWS, Azure, Big Data and Cloud technologies, that’d be useful too, but if not they’ll train you.

If you’re the kind of person who wants to work on big important projects with big, important clients, you’ll enjoy it.

And I mean big. We’re talking global insurance companies, suppliers, the police and all supporting industries.

The cutting-edge solutions allow their clients to save cost and improve customer experience.

Luckily, there’s a tonne of different ways they do this; such as AI, Deep Learning and Statistical Modelling technologies, so it’s not like you’ll be bored stuck working on one thing forever.

That’s the job. Let me tell you about the company.

Because I think you’ll like how it sounds.

It’s with a local success story – set up nearly 5 years ago and is now operating globally, backed by a multibillion dollar company.

They’re specialists in an industry full of generalists, so their clients love them. Big, well-known clients you can get involved and form contacts with.

Agile environment with the latest tech, so they’re not messing about. They know what they’re doing. You won’t be wasting your time.

And they’re not stopping where they are. They’ve got plans to grow.

But in spite of the company’s success, they’re not about forgetting how they got there.

They look after their staff.

You’ll have a voice there. You’ll get ownership of your projects, and you’ll be listened to in meetings no matter your level.

But look.

Yes it’s a great company. Yes it’s a great role.

But that’s our opinion.

It doesn’t matter what I think.

See what you think.

Like you said earlier: you deserve better.