Front End Developer
£30k - £40k

Front End Developer - SaaS Platform - Newcastle City Centre

Ref: 99| Posted: 8th Aug 2018

This vacancy is now closed

“All you hear, all the time, is how hard it is getting into a decent Front End Developer position”.

So you’re sat there.

You’re lucky enough to already have a Front End Developer role, and some good Front End experience under your belt, but you’re like:

“I need – I deserve – to work somewhere better”.

And that’s fair enough.

So let me help you find somewhere better.

I think I know just the place.

There’s a Front End Developer role here in Newcastle City Centre; a short jump from the train station.

If you’ve got a background in HTMLCSS, JavaScript, Typescript, and Redux, that’d be useful too, but if not they’ll train you.

Also a bonus if you’ve worked with LESS / SASS, ES6 + syntax / ES modules, React, Vue.js, Angular, jQuery, Node.js, npm, Webpack, TypeScript, Mobx and Git – but don’t worry if you haven’t.

If you’re the kind of person who wants to work on big important projects with big, important clients, you’ll enjoy it.

And I mean BIG. We’re talking Adidas, Dominos and the Co-Op Group.

Their cutting-edge solutions allow their clients to optimize their marketing across several channels.

Luckily, there’s a tonne of different ways they do this on their SaaS Platform, so it’s not like you’ll be bored stuck working on one thing forever.

That’s the job. Let me tell you about the company.

Because I think you’ll like how it sounds.

It’s with a local success story – set up over 10 years ago and is now operating globally, backed by a multimillion pound company.

They’re specialists in an industry full of generalists, so their clients love them. Big, well-known clients you can get involved and form contacts with.

Agile environment with the latest tech, so they’re not messing about. They know what they’re doing. You won’t be wasting your time.

And they’re not stopping where they are. They’ve got plans to grow. In fact, they’re looking to hire more Developers and Analysts this year.

But in spite of the company’s success, they’re not about forgetting how they got there.

They make sure they reward their staff.

You might think, ‘well, you would say that, how do I know they reward their staff?’

Well, how’s this:

They give you the best hardware to do your job.

They look after your money, with annual salary reviews, a contributory pension and life insurance.

They look after your health, with wellbeing initiatives and cycle to work schemes.

They look after your family, with 33 days off a year to spend with them – with the option to buy more holidays.

Plus, there’s bi-annual company events and they’ll also cover the cost of any training or event you want to attend.

Yes it’s a great company. Yes it’s a great role.

But that’s our opinion.

It doesn’t matter what I think.

See what you think.

Apply via this advert.

Or give Qasim a call on 01642 271428 / email with any questions you have.

Speak soon!