Mid-Level .NET Developer

.Net Developer- £30-35k - Newcastle

Ref: 138| Posted: 15th Apr 2019

This vacancy is now closed

Do you think you’re like every other .NET Developer?

I mean if you’re a .NET Dev, you’re a .NET Dev.

Apparently, you all know the same stuff.

You can talk with other Devs about different tools/frameworks – and how they all annoy you equally, but for different reasons.

But are you like them?

Or, do you feel like you’re different?

Are you a real person who’s also a .NET Developer?

Or vice versa?

If you’re the same as the rest, this role isn’t for you.

And that’s not in a reverse-psychology, “Don’t press the big red button” way.

Genuinely, this .NET Dev role is great, but it won’t suit you if you’d be equally happy in any .NET Dev role anywhere.

You will, however, enjoy it if you’re the kind of person who wants to work on big important projects with big, important clients. And I mean important. We’re talking the NHS, Barbour, Money Guru and Optical Express here.

The kind of person who wants to get to grips with C#, Razor, MVC and mobile development (Xamarin). Who gets to learn new languages and new technologies to grow their career.

Who wants to work for an impressive company. One that lets you express yourself. One you’d be proud to tell your friends about.

One that gives you flexible working hours, a decent pension and 31 holidays a year!

You’re probably thinking, “well that’s patronising, because everyone wants that”.

You’d be surprised.

I speak to enough candidates to know that some are happy treading water on less stimulating projects.

And that’s fine. Each to their own.

But if you want more?

You can talk with other .NET Devs about .NET stuff.

If you can talk to me about your background in across several development environments…

If you can tell me stories about your projects, ideally within Agile teams…

Then get in touch.

I’ll tell you more about the position.

I’m on 01642 271428.

Or email me at robyn@hainton.net.

And you can decide for yourself if you’re just like the other .NET Developers