Recruitment Consultant

Recruitment Consultant - £18-26k plus up to 20% commission

Ref: 151| Posted: 4th Mar 2019

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Freedom isn’t just some Braveheart nonsense; it's critical to making a success of your recruitment career.

Yet - oddly enough - you rarely get it in recruitment.

Most recruitment owners set up agencies to have all the freedom themselves – “strategy meetings”, wining and dining clients – expecting their consultants to do all the work.

Whatever their motives, we don't believe it works.

At Hainton, we believe in giving you the freedom.

We’ve found that if you have more freedom to do your own thing, you’ll bill more. And we both want that.

That’s why you can:

  • Start at 9 on a Monday and finish at 4 on a Friday.
  • Take a longer lunch if you want to go the gym or play footy too.
  • Wear what you want (within reason).

About Hainton

You’re joining at the beginning of our journey so there’ll be plenty of opportunities to progress quickly.

We have ambitions to be a multi-million pound company but we keep our feet on the ground – there’s no ego’s round here.

We’ll go bowling and rock climbing because it’s fun, not for attention on LinkedIn

We’ll pay for your training for things like copywriting and working retained.

We're open to ideas and change too. Your voice will be heard working here.

Tell us your career goals. We’ll get you there.

We’ll help you place more through smart recruitment.

We don't expect you to just 'bash the phone' all day.

We have other candidate acquisition strategies such as Events, Facebook Ads and Salary Guides.

Our tech events are attended by 40-50 candidates at a time. It's much easier to place people when you're meeting them every month.

Our Facebook ad's and Salary Guides will provide you with countless leads on a weekly basis.

All of this means more commission for you.

Our commission structure's on an increasing scale up to 20%. We expect you’ll comfortably make between £10-20k in commission in year one.

Fancy a chat?

Apply for this role with your CV. Don’t worry if it’s not up to date.

If you have any burning questions, you’re free to call us on 01642 271428. Just ask for Tom or Qasim.

Set yourself free from the corporate BS.